Särna summer 2008

This is the gallery from our mini-vacation to Särna where we visited Natasha and Jørgen (Team Koyuk). Most pictures are from our trip to Städjan and the Nipfjällets Nature Reserve, but there are also a few of Natasha's and Jørgen's beautiful huskies, a few from Mora and some shots of sceanery. Some of the pictures are photographed by Jørgen. For the time being comments to the pictures are placed on top of the pictures. I haven't been able to get the d... html-, xml-codes, javascripts and whatever to accept my comments to be placed at the bottom of the pictures, and I won't place them there using a photo-editor. Maybe I'll get that straightened out one day...

Särna summer 2008

Easter 2008

Gallery consisting mostly of Yarohna and Yena, playing and chasing each other. We had wonderfull weather conditions, deep blue sky, minus 5 - 10 degrees C and lots of crusted snow - which made it a lot easier to get around off-trail. By the way, the blood on the Yena and Yarohna is not because they bite holes in one another, but because they are changing teeth.

Easter gallery

Särna and Furudal 2008

Our winter vacation to Särna visiting Natasha and Jørgen who were training for the upcomming Polardistans race and Furudal where a lot of our friends from Denmark also had their winter vacation. Apart from our samoyeds many of us also share a keen interest in photography. The camera is never far away and the paparazzis ;-) raraly miss an opportunity to capture a special moment.

Särna and Team Koyuk Furudal A day or two at the races The paparazzis Portraits